Why has the Continuity Celtic Club website been established?

  •  To provide an ongoing source of information about the Club in an environment where there is no real flow of the most ordinary news to members
  • To question the limited information proceeding from the current President who is a career politician

What has happened to the Celtic Club since 2016?

  • Its capital value has sunk from $28 million to $17 million
  • The number of members has halved
  • Its ‘club room’ is in a totally unsuitable and marginally accessible venue
  • Longstanding and active members have been hounded out of the Club

Where are the rapidly dwindling Club funds?

  • $16 million have been put into ME Bank
  • ME Bank is triple B rated, scandal plagued and its CEO has just resigned
  • The funds should be moved now
  • When asked what the interest rate on the term deposit was, Brian Shanahan said he couldn’t answer ‘off the top of his head’ but that he was ‘comfortable’ with the decision to invest there.

Given that all of these decisions were taken by the President Brian Shanahan – how is he still in office?

  • He has established a practice of blocking new members – used to devastating effect in the third and final sale vote of 2016, but continuing
  • The proxy votes on which he relies are no longer signed and no one is allowed to inspect them – are they even filled in ?
  • He has consistently refused to release the Committee’s minutes although the Rules say that any member may inspect them.