Welcome to the

Continuity Celtic Club

Why has the Continuity Celtic Club website been established?

  • To provide an ongoing source of information about the Club in an environment where there is no real flow of the most ordinary news to members
  • To question the limited information proceeding from the current President who is a career politician

What has happened to the Celtic Club since 2016?

  • Its capital value has sunk from $28 million to $17 million
  • The number of members has halved
  • Its ‘club room’ is in a totally unsuitable and marginally accessible venue
  • Longstanding and active members have been hounded out of the Club

Where are the rapidly dwindling Club funds?

  • $16 million have been put into triple B rated ME Bank
  • The funds should be moved now
  • When asked what the interest rate was, Brian Shanahan couldn’t answer.

How is Brian Shanahan still in office?

  • He blocks new members
  • His proxy votes are no longer signed and no one can inspect them – are they even filled in ?
  • He refuses to release the Committee’s minutes.

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