AGM Resolutions for debate at the Celtic Club

Missed the date of the next AGM? It’s in the latest monthly ‘Newsletter’ on the 24th November, 2019. This is an important date because, if you want to put up matters for debate, you have to get them into the Secretary – Conrad Corry – 28 days before the date of the meeting. So, don’t delay, send them in.

According to Rule 33 (3), all you have to do is put them in writing and get them to him 28 days before 24th November, 2019.

As with votes, people’s resolutions have a strange way of getting ‘lost’ on the way to the Celtic Club, so here are some resolutions that have been submitted already, in writing and well before time.

1.     That the Committee of Management appoint an independent forensic accountant to  investigate the financial transactions 2016 – 2019 and report to the members directly at their individual registered postal or email addresses

a.     what the financial position of the club is and 

b.     what the sale proceeds have been expended on so far and

c.     which individuals have been responsible for such expenditure and

d.      what the extent of financial gain or loss there has been to the club.

2.     That the President inform members of the progress of the Club’s plans for our premises within the new building particularly

a.     The promised 4th rooftop garden

b.     The separate ground floor club entrance and

c.     When members will have an opportunity to indicate what they would like to see in our new premises

3.     That the President clarify precisely what he was still negotiating with Beulah about as late as 21st June 2019 some three years after members were informed that the sale & reentry contract was signed sealed & set in stone.

4.     That members be allowed to access to the members’ list as provided in Rule 78.

The need for Resolution 1 is obvious. The Club has lost $12.5 million in capital value since 2016 and it’s essential for members to know what on earth has happened to the money. Is there any way to stop the funds from bleeding out of the Club? The Financial Reports appended to the the Annual reports do not shed sufficient light on what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Does anyone else remember the heady days of 2016 and the promised rooftop garden for the Club on the 4th floor?  As if any hard-headed developer would really give up all that air space for one tenant!  All the same, the roof top garden was promised, but alas. The building is now well past the 4th floor without the slightest sign of a rooftop garden. There’s no sign of the promised separate ground floor club entrance either. That’s the problem when you have a lot of Irish working on the site – they take an intelligent interest. I wonder why there’s no separate entrance for the Club. It couldn’t be because the Club is never going back there, could it? No. Absolutely not.

Negotiating, negotiating. The President’s a busy, busy man. But he never tells you what he’s negotiating about. What can possibly be left? It’s taking longer than Brexit! The members do have a right to know.

Finally, this member is simply asking for the rights accorded to all members under the Rules.

It’s important to attend the AGM and to vote. Only in this way do you have the slightest chance of holding the current Committee responsible for anything.

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