Annual Report troubles

The final version (without the mistake or blurring)

It’s not easy to vote for motions and discuss important questions facing the Club when you don’t know anything about the reasons for them.

That’s why the Annual Report – with the financial information – should be sent out to all members in good time.

Considering that the Club is now paying the son of the Vice-President to produce the Report, which was always the Secretary’s job, you’d think they would insist on a timely completion!

The current Committee hadn’t even got it finished until yesterday. They were planning to post it out then and hope that everyone would get their copy on Friday.

Then when the Manager opened a copy, he saw a large mistake.

Nothing to do with him, of course, and completely outside his control, of course.

So now the first version of the Annual Report has had to be trashed – more waste and expense. Where was the Secretary? It’s his responsibility to check the Annual Report before it goes to the printer.

A hard copy will be available from the ‘Celtic’ at Metropolitan. Of course you can only pick one up if you know that.

Living reasonably close to North Melbourne is a big help too. Bad luck if you’re a country member.

There’s talk that something called the Internet has been invented and that a soft copy might be sent out, but again that might be just another vicious rumour.


Wait!  Hold the presses! In the latest version of the World according to the Manager, the Annual Report CAN be sent out in the email!

The original problem was not a major mistake that was completely out of his control but blurred pages.

Blurred pages. Really? A printing company would never notice blurred pages now would it?