Celtic Club Melbourne – website reflects utter incompetence

The current official website of the Celtic Club is a good indicator of the appallingly low levels of competence and dedication of those now ‘running’ the Club.

Sean McKeon resigned as Treasurer in March, but his name is still shown there.

Surely the current Treasurer is a little miffed? We’re here to help – his name is Rob Clifford. Members might like to know a bit more about him, of course. Is he an accountant? We know he doesn’t Google bank interest rates from his comments at the AGM. He could have organised 2.7% just on a phone call, but no he was content with 2%.

There is no photo of the shy, reclusive Secretary on the website and the photo in the Annual report doesn’t show him at his best. Try this one.  Captures his essence more a bit more.

Conrad Corry, Secretary, pipe smoker, thinker…?

Conrad Corry, Secretary, pipe smoker, thinker..?

Has any casual vacancy on the Committee been filled? What was the process? Obviously there hasn’t been an email to the dwindling band of members asking them to put their heads on the block.

The Audit Committee isn’t mentioned. This is an obligatory subcommittee according to the Rules, so it would be nice if it got a mention. Especially as all members resigned in April.  Seems to have been a rough couple of months…. any chance of the President explaining what happened?

A lot of members know that the breakfast experiment – on which at least $30,000 was spent on equipment – has been quietly dropped. So why is the breakfast menu still on the website?

Newsletters are few and far between these days, but they could be put on the website so that we could all enjoy the wit and wisdom of Brian Shanahan. Newsletters are the Secretary’s job, but he doesn’t seem to have got the memo.

There’s a space for an on-line shop, but nothing is advertised in it.

Has nothing worth photographing happened in the Club since 2017? Not beyond the bounds of possibility, but it is a little startling to see the evidence there on the website. No. Wait. The people running the website may be having so much fun they just haven’t noticed that a year has passed.

We can only hope that nobody’s hanging by the neck while they wait for someone – anyone? – to organise the Reading Circle and Film Club. Wasn’t there a Culture and Heritage subcommittee hanging around the Club at some stage ? They used to be in charge of the library, wherever it’s gone, maybe they could do that. Or not.

The incompetence is staggering.