Letter to the Members | September 2018

Reliable sources indicate the Club is now operating at an annual loss of at least $700,000. And you were all told that selling the building would put you back into profit….. Not as true as many hoped

The members have no idea where the money has gone. Why did it cost $400,000 just to move?

Since the ‘information meeting’, there have been two newsletters from the President containing bland reassurances and nothing about the finances.

The reassurances ring hollow when you consider the high resignation rates of executive officers (Secretary and Treasurer) and the loss of an entire Audit Committee. The latest letter says the Club is still looking for a Treasurer.

We don’t know why the previous Secretary and Treasurer resigned, but we do know why the Audit Committee did. They resigned because the Club has:

  • no strategy plan;
  • no business plan;
  • no budget;
  • no process to clarify whether votes can be ruled formal or informal, and
  • there’s been no Rules review.
  • AND they’ve been asking for months and months and months.

We know that was why they resigned because they said it in the Annual Report.

We hear very little from the Club and we have never heard from the current Secretary. Secretaries are expected to put out Newsletters. We do hear from the Manager and the administration officer – they often tell members about events of interest that are on at other venues.

The Club desperately needs good governance, transparency, accountability and events at the Metropolitan in order to help bring some money in to pay the rents. Yes the Club is paying two rents – one for the Metropolitan and another for the office accommodation in the city. If it ever gets the poker machines up and running, it will have to pay three rents.

A lot of money was spent on a big new coffee machine to bring in people to have breakfast – and $30,000 on a paint job and a shamrock. Morning after morning that bar has been completely empty – of course the Club is paying the salaries of at least three people to stay open. Anyone could have told them that there is very little passing traffic at that hour in North Melbourne.

Mind you, the Manager has noticed that very few people come in on Friday and Saturday nights either – he’s cancelled the musicians. What? An Irish Club with no music. Not quite, there is some music, if people are willing to play for free. And sometimes for special occasions.

What can you do?

Write into the Club and ask for answers to these questions:

President:        brian@brimars.com

Or                    president@celticclub.com.au

Secretary:        cjcorry@gmail.com

Or                    secretary@celticclub.com.au

If you don’t get them, ask to see the Minutes – which is your absolute right. It says so in the Club rules and it says in the Associations Reform Act (2102).  The Committee cannot just declare that everything is confidential and hide all their decisions from the members.

If you don’t get that then come to the AGM – whenever it’s going to be held and ask your questions there.