President’s Update Analysed

These days many members just delete messages from their nonexistent club but the 19th September 2018 President’s update is worth reading in depth.

The President’s update implies that the Committee has been beavering away perfecting its deal with Beulah, but he doesn’t give any exact dates. Shame really because there is more than a suspicion that the Committee has entirely ceased to meet. So when exactly were the alleged changes made? This year? Or more likely in 2016.

More importantly, WHAT are the changes. How about putting the new plans up on the website? Members might find that very interesting, especially those members who are licensed builders or otherwise connected with the construction industry. They might raise a few awkward questions like “So where are the poker machines going to go?” Oh, sorry about that – awkward questions are just what the Committee wants to avoid.

Playing fast and loose with dates is a consistent theme in this update. Sean McKeon resigned as Treasurer in March and a previous President’s update actually named his successor. Obviously the successor must have had some accountancy qualifications, took one look at the books and ran screaming. Actually, there’s a rumour that McKeon resigned when he confronted the Committee with the fact that they are nearly a million dollars in the red and they refused to accept his Treasurer’s report.

So the Club has been without a Treasurer for five months that know of – who’s been stopping people fiddling the books? We know it goes on, of course. How legal is it for a big Association like the Celtic Club to float along without any competent person in control of the finances? Maybe our many legal members could offer an opinion. After all, the last time Paddy simply asked whether it was legal for Brian to be Secretary and Treasurer at the same time, he dropped the Secretary job like a hot scone.

Chair of the Audit Committee, wanted eh? Well that’s another thing the Club is obliged to have, check the Celtic Club Rules. The Audit Committee resigned en masse well over six months ago. Brian was asked about that in his information (?) meeting and he said the Club didn’t need one. Oh dear Brian, Paddy has news for you. Rule 44 says very clearly that the Club MUST appoint an Audit Committee. So yet again, the Club has been operating in defiance of its own Rules for months and that busy busy Committee just can’t seem to find the time to fix it.

But there’s good news. We’ll be ‘revitalising our activities at the Celtic’. Just in the nick of time Paddy would say. Take a look at the photo of the activity in the Club after the great breakfast initiative flopped.

Celtic at Metropolitan – the club with no people

Celtic at Metropolitan – the Club with no people

When he dropped in for a snack, there were two lovely women serving and probably someone else cooking – three staff members to serve one lone member a coffee. Sounds mighty cost effective to me. Which reminds me, the last I heard, it had taken $30,000 to buy a wondrous new coffee machine for this little effort – what are we doing with that? Writing it off as a capital loss? No wonder it’s hard for the Club to find a Treasurer!

Very few members have even seen the inside of the current Club, so here your are people, take a look. This is the sort of Club the current Committee wants – clean, shiny and empty. No irritating members asking awkward questions, buying drinks, arguing, singing and causing trouble.

So the Club has gone into the red by a million dollars (see the previous Paddyleaks information) and the President’s latest brain fart is to plug the gap with grandchildren’s parties???? If he’s serious, there’s an opportunity coming right up – only 12 more haunting days till Halloween. Strange, haven’t seen any messages from the Manager (forget the Secretary, you never hear from him – does he still exist?) about the fun and games you can have in the Club on Halloween.

So here we are, still paying two rents, still wondering whether the poker machines will ever be started and asking why we need so many staff to run a Club that’s largely empty.

How about another President’s update Brian – answer those questions.