Questions for distribution at the Celtic Club AGM

A kind reader has supplied us with a copy of the questions that members distributed at the Celtic Club AGM. They’re quite a bit different to the feeble ‘Q & A’ version that the Committee distributed. We thought you might all like to read them, so here they are.

1. The President’s Report says he has brought the Club’s ongoing losses “under control”. The Financial report shows that the Club made a loss of $787,934 last year that is about $100,000 more lost than last year. Will he explain how this is ‘under control’?

2. The President boasts about the Club’s ‘significant’ reserves’ but has lost $2.8 million of them since  last year – what is going on and why is misrepresenting the figures?

3. Why has the President reported that all candidates who stood with him ‘comfortably elected’ when James Dunne was voted off?

4. Members recently found important changes were made to Rules 2017 after they had been passed by the 2017 AGM. The Secretary is now sending out Rules 2015 as the “Club Rules” to members who inquire for them. 

Will he refund the invalid joining fee and give all members the fees agreed in 2015?

5. The President told the Irish Echo that members are welcome to attend Committee meetings, so why will the Committee not permit members to inspect the Committee minutes?

6. Will the Secretary clarify whether he still owns “Swindler Enterprises” (ABN: 13 619 221 269) and what business he transacts with it?

7. Committee members must declare their business interests in a publicly available register.

Why has the Secretary never declared this entity despite holding it since 2012?

8. Member numbers have fallen from 970 in 2016 to 579 today – a drop of 44%. Will the Committee explain why they have lost almost one in two members in only three years?

9. Why is the listing of Committee members with the Gaming and Liquor Registration (VCGLR) out of date, particularly Clare Murphy?

Does Clare Murphy have difficulty meeting the requirements to register?

10. Why are elections conducted by a former Club employee instead of an independent person with expertise?

11. Why has the Secretary delegated all responsibility for the Annual Report? In fact, what does this man actually do for the Club?

12. Will the Committee release the due diligence on buying the lease of a hotel which is unsuitable by size alone and which cannot use poker machines?

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