Resignation of Helen Brazil from the Celtic Club

Helen Brazil was a very well known figure to members of the Celtic Club. The decision to ‘package her out’ after 17 years marks the end of an era.

It was so important a decision that it even prompted one of the President’s scarce letters, telling us essentially that the Club couldn’t afford to keep her on.

Trying to find cost savings is commendable, given that they have already lost $1.12 million of the members’ money this year, but Helen is not where most people would have started.

Essentially the President is being forced to admit that the Club is dying. The venue that he insisted on having is simply unsuitable in so many ways if you wanted a vibrant active Club serving the Irish-Australian community. Helen had major responsibilities for events. Of course, it’s hard to hold events in a tiny little space, with unreliable air-conditioning.

Ominously he writes “With a new gaming & functions option becoming harder to find,” without giving any justification. Are other clubs unable to find venues? What efforts has the Committee made? Tell the people who really own the Club what you are doing to keep it going.

The Committee has known since 2016 that they would need a suitable venue for the Club. They looked at five in total. Three of them were far better choices than the one the President decided to take. They have signed a 5 year lease on a place with virtually no passing trade (optional extension to 10).

Instead of firing Helen, why not find a more suitable venue, reopen the pokies and get some money coming in and some action happening?

Convenient that she ‘didn’t want’ a farewell. No sense having people coming into what’s left of the Club and talking to each other………..