Resignation of the Manager

Now that the Club has lost is functions administrator, the Manager – formerly Mark Dalmau – has been the next staff member to resign. That means that the Club no longer has any permanent staff and no one concerned with promoting its functions and managing its activities.

Not unreasonable, considering that there is virtually nothing left to manage. Here is the Club on a recent night:

Celtic Club at 8:30pm on Wednesday night

The only person in the Club was a barmaid washing up some glasses. Actually you’re lucky to catch the Club open once darkness falls! Hardly surprising given that there is very little entertainment – you can watch television at home. There are no pokies and there is no music. You can’t get anything to eat because there’s no cook! Why would anyone want to go there? Hardly surprising that keeping the doors open is costing the Club about $300,000 a year.

Some people say that it’s hard to get people out to Clubs these days because of the drink driving rule, but other pubs in the area are packed.

What was the Manager doing to prevent this situation? According to him, he was having a pleasant time browsing through old membership records until he found his father’s name. Perhaps browsing through the some publicity proposals to increase the membership and make the location more inviting would have been more helpful.

Given that the Club is very rarely occupied – even when it’s actually open – the last question of the previous post http://questions from a concerned member is very relevant. The Committee must know the situation. They must know that continuing to open the building will only add to the losses unless they attract people. What are they doing about it? If the answer is “nothing” as it seems to be, then they should resign.