Secretary’s Report 2019

The Secretary, Conrad Corry, is supposedly responsible for the whole of the Annual Report. Now that one of the Vice-President’s sons has taken over the role, clearly that responsibility is his no more. Given his appalling grammar, readers can only be grateful for the change.

There is a one page report from him though, which merits consideration if only for the light that it sheds on a very strange mind. He describes himself as “.. steering this Club through the necessary (sic) treacherous waters reach the all-important goal of the Club’s longevity.” Why do the waters have to be treacherous? Why is this seen as something that’s inevitable? With good communication and outreach (the Secretary’s role, in fact), the members would understand the decisions and back the Committee.

There is no mention whatsoever about member benefits in this measly page. Nor does Conrad given any feedback at all on the website. The website is supposed to be the primary way the members contact the Club, with all their pesky wants and ideas. No wonder we don’t hear anything about it. Strange though, given all the money that’s been spent on it – we don’t know how many ‘likes’ it’s had or even whether people look at it from time to time.

His continued indifference to the members throughout his report is consistent. The Club membership has now dropped to 486 full members, compared to 970 just three short years before. This is a drop of 50%! It’s quite an extraordinary fall, but Conrad just writes it off as ‘expected’. Why is it expected? Has he noticed that persistent rudeness to the people who do manage to contact him puts members off? Again more vigorous promotion of the Club and its activities and possibly choosing a more sensible site for the Club than the Meat Market might well have avoided this.

The other alleged reason for the drop in membership – which takes up about a third of Conrad’s very limited report – is a long tirade about ‘unauthorized’ emails. These emails are the only real information that members are getting so it’s highly unlikely that they are also driving members away. The comment about ‘safeguard the system’ simply means that the Club is illicitly denying members their right, under Rule 78, to access the members’ list with a view to communicating with them. The whole point of joining a Club is not to hide away in a corner whinging about privacy, it’s to meet new people and interact with them.

It’s time to face the truth. Many people were alienated by the Committee’s aggressive and hostile tactics over the sale which it forced through. A lot of the others don’t see the point of going to a tiny little pub with no food, nothing to do and no one to talk to. It’s hardly ever open and when it is, you can’t get a park – why would anyone go on being a member?

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  1. It would look as if the want to get rid of as. Many members as possible. So as it give them more means to access what money is left. The certainly are not trying to encourage new members. Say no more?

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