Who is Robert Clifford?

Robert Clifford is the current Treasurer of the Celtic Club. We found that out when he turned up at the last AGM. Of course he resigned on 30.6.19! Another one who didn’t last very long.

We know very little about him, but we can take it that he either knows nothing of the fate of the two previous Treasurers. Or perhaps he’s a very self confident person.

No public call came out requesting people to stand for the Treasurer job.  No one has bothered to let the members know about his experience or qualifications.

Can he read a balance sheet? Has he noticed that the Club has recently lost over a million dollars in one year? That’s the big figure at the back of the financials – just trying to help here, Bob.

What are his views on poker machines? Is he too noble and high minded to start them up again and make some money for the Club? It’s not impossible, Helene McNamara the Vice-President, never loses a chance to remind us that she doesn’t like poker machines.

What does Robert think though? We don’t know.

We do know that he’s on the Board of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce and was a past Director. That should come in handy when the Committee decides the Club is no longer viable and hands the money over to “.. a like-minded organisation..”

He’s also had experience at Spotless and Animal Therapeutics which may or may not be relevant.

We also know that he’s not a big fan of Google, which is a shame in his current position.

At the last Annual General Meeting one troublemaker asked why the Club’s $19.4 million was invested at the dreadfully low rate of 2%. His answer was that if anyone knew of a better rate at the big four banks, they were welcome to suggest it.

Well, here’s a suggestion, Bob – tell your secretary to search ‘ANZ term deposit rates’ and you’ll find a standing offer of 2.7%. That’s for just anybody.

That extra 0.7% is worth having. It would bring in $135,800 a year.

A man of the world like you would know that someone investing multiple millions is right out of the ‘mum and dad investor group’ – treated by banks with contempt. Haggle a bit – you might be able to get 3%.