Who’s minding the store?

Another resignation from the Committee! So who is now in charge of day to day operations?

There are now only three of the original crew who sold off our old building. The Terrible Triumvirate.

Not surprising really, most who try find they cannot work with the President. Inevitably they join the endless merry go round of Committee people, Treasurers, Secretaries, sub-committee chairs and managers who realise that they just could not go on dealing with the BS.

Strange that Brad Green stood for election for a two year term and then left.  Acting Manager, Michael Moore, has also moved on after only 6 months.  Did we pay this clown? For what?

Given that the manager always did Secretary Conrad’s job – who’s minding the store?  Clearly no one, until the latest patsy. 

Dire Straits has had calls from people trying to renew their membership. Unfortunately, we were unable to help. How many cash payments were left lying in the hall at William St.? When you renew your membership make sure you have a record of it. You don’t want to be declared a non-member just when a vote is coming up!

Blaming ‘Covid 19’ (the latest whipping boy) for the “..seriously disrupted communication to telephone and email..”, is simply more BS!  Phone calls can be redirected and emails can be accessed remotely. Do try to come into the 20th century, Brian. It’s ok, we know the 21st would be too much of a stretch for you.

Beautiful but empty – the modern Celtic Club.

Clearly the current transitory Committee apparatchiks are not bothering to employ competent staff or even insisting the Secretary does his job. No, the decision has been to waste more Club money on a management firm. 

How much money is the Club paying Luminant Talent Consulting Pty Ltd?  Has a brown envelope or two changed hands? Remember that in the last financial year the Club made an overall loss of nearly $800,000 and had a minuscule income from its tiny, out of the way and unused premises plus a bit of interest. 

Now we are spending more members money doing the work of the Secretary and Manager. It’s obvious that Conrad has totally lost track of the membership and other records: for all that Brian says.  It the Committee took this and the other vast numbers of failures seriously, it would do the honourable thing and resign.

The supposed good news is that they have finally found yet another person to join the 2019 elected Committee.  BS spends a lot of time crowing about what a wonderful set of people he has found, but:  What were the criteria for these recruitments?

So far BS has recruited two professors, a former bank executive – Carl Walsh – and a sports consultant. What do they know about running a pub, let alone buying one that is suitable for a Club?  It’s not obvious to Dire Straits.

There is already an ominous sign they don’t know what they’re doing. Anyone who joins the Committee of a Club with alcohol and gaming licences must apply to become an Approved Associate. You have to satisfy the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.  If you hop onto their website and look up The Celtic Club (V9510078), there are only four Approved Associates: Brian Shanahan, Helene McNamara, Conrad Corry and Brad Green.

Professors McGorry and McDonald have had plenty of time to comply, as has Carl Walsh.  They are going into a Club situation and should know that they need to do this.

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