Witch hunt at the Celtic Club

Surprising how many members have been hounded out of the Club as a result of one witch hunt or another.

If you’ve been to recent meetings, the AGM or any Special meetings, President Brian Shanahan will have delighted in telling you that ‘the Secretary and the Treasurer’ are responsible for all the Club’s woes. Losing money? They cost us thousands – from a man who’s cost the Club millions. Why were they expelled? They broke the Rules – chants the man who will never keep a rule if he can break it.  Everyone knows exactly which Secretary and Treasurer he means so that the ritual chant of ‘no names, no names’ is a very thin cloak against defamation proceedings.

Wondering what really happened? Read on.

In 2016, Conrad Corry presented 17 ridiculous allegations about the Secretary and Treasurer to the Committee. Only one was even mentioned in the Rules and that had never happened. According to the Rules, everything alleged should have been dealt with in a month by a subcommittee from within the Club.

Instead the President Brian Shanahan engaged a solicitor – Patrick Moloney – an agricultural law specialist; appropriate for a man expected to wade through bullshit, to review Corry’s allegations. For another 18 months, he forwarded no instructions whatsoever to Moloney. All the while he trumpeted to everyone he met that the Secretary and Treasurer were “under investigation”.  No they weren’t. They were the victims of a vicious, groundless smear campaign which the President was determined to prolong as far as he could so he could ruin their reputations.

At last the Secretary’s solicitor found out Moloney had had no instructions and told the Brian Shanahan to put up or shut up. Reality bit. The truly stupid allegations were then dropped. A shame because we lost my favourite “Producing misleading minutes of meetings.” So with no explanation, and don’t even think about an apology, the 17 “..very serious..” allegations abruptly dropped to 9. Why? On what grounds were some kept in some just piffed? We will probably never know.

Then a paid crew was recruited – at god knows what cost to members – to twist and misinterpret every action of the Secretary and Treasurer. This process bore no resemblance whatever to the prescribed format of a Disciplinary Subcommittee. Not surprising as there were no grounds to invoke one.

Did the Secretary or Treasurer “… mishandle Club funds…” as so often claimed? They most certainly did not. They simply had costs incurred in the course of doing Club business reimbursed, as permitted under #87 of the Associated Incorporations Reform Act (2012). A simple reimbursement – nothing more.

The remaining items are simply a blatant attempt to criminalise the routine activities of a Secretary carrying out her duties under the Club’s Rules and the Associated Incorporations Act (2012). All the things that a normal Club Secretary simply does.  All the things that the previous Secretary had done unmolested for 14 years.

That was the problem.  The Secretary believed that she had real powers under the Associated Incorporations Act (2012). If you check it yourself, you’ll find that she did. The President Brian Shanahan dogmatically insists that only he has any power at all. In fact he only has the power to chair meetings. He’s a victim of ‘tyrant President syndrome’. According to law, the President is basically a figurehead, while the executive officers (Secretary and Treasurer) have the power. That doesn’t suit Brian one little bit so he geed up his useful idiots on the Committee and used untold thousands of members’ money to get up a kangaroo court to expel the Executive officers for the awful crime of disagreeing with Brian.

In an interesting footnote to this post, it’s clearly got up somebody’s nose pretty badly. It seems to attract an amazing number of comments from porn sites. Come on, give it up. First, you know every word is true, secondly I know perfectly who you are and thirdly grow a spine and make some comments with your name attached.

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